Small Change:

The Kids and Money Newsletter
by Beth Kobliner

The most thought-provoking news about kids and money, from the worlds of economics, psychology, education and more.

Who knew that kids and money was such a hot topic? Every day, the media is loaded with blog posts, breaking news, good (and bad) advice, and cutting-edge research on everything from the value of allowance to the burden of college debt—to giving your kid a credit card (don’t!)

Obviously, not everything is worth reading.

So allow me to do the heavy lifting. Each week I’ll gather the most interesting insights, drawn from the latest stats, studies, and expert sources. Plus you’ll get my own original posts on kids and money. Truth is, it’s a subject I’m deeply passionate about; I even wrote book about it—Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not).

As a personal finance journalist for the past 25 years—and a mom for nearly as long—there’s nothing I care about more than helping the next generation live financially sound lives. As fellow parents, educators, and professionals, I know you share my passion.

So sign up, and encourage your friends to do the same! Together we can make all our kids money geniuses!

Beth Kobliner