100 years of cookies: How the girl scouts have been baking up money geniuses for a whole century

At the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this weekend, I spoke to hundreds of Girl Scouts—along with their parents and troop leaders—at the organization’s Cookie Rally. No, it wasn’t a recipe swap; it was a cause for celebration. The Girl Scouts have been selling their famous cookies since 1917! Among other financial issues, we talked about why it’s important to wait and save up for something you want. The number one reason girls told me they wanted to save money: to afford a pet! (Parents: You have been warned. Fortunately, our fuzzy friends have a lot to teach kids about budgeting and spending.) I was blown away by the savvy and smarts of these cool young entrepreneurs. But speaking of waiting—how long do I have to wait for my Thin Mints to arrive?